Finding your joy

Suzanne and Denise working hard

“Find your joy in something finiished, not a thousand things begun”

– Douglas Mallock, poet

Words that are especially important at this time of the year.  It’s taken me years to overcome the half-finished project in metal.  The due date set by a client or a particular show that I want to enter does wonders. Unfortunately, sometimes the more interesting work can sit on that backburner.  When I come to a problem in the work that I am unsure how to solve, that’s when it feels like starting a new piece will make me feel better.  I do work several pieces at once and have a few in drawers waiting to be resolved.  Eventually, I take out the problem piece and ask myself  ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’  In some ways, it seems like asking for trouble, but for me, that statement gets me through the fear and moving forward.  The old Walt Disney line of ‘Keep moving forward’ is another helpful mantra.  Whatever it takes to get you moving again.  It’s much worse to have an unfinished project than to fail.  When you fail, you’ve learned and now you have permission to recycle the metal!  Would you agree?


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