Self Portrait Project

College of DuPage     Kamal


Project I  for Annual Juried Student Art Exhibit

Cleve Carney Art Gallery

Due Date: March 17th or 18th



Artist Self Portrait

The subjects of art vary from artist to artist. They can range from a painting of a busy rehearsal in a cramped dance studio to a photograph of a calm desert in the morning light. The choice of subjects depends upon what kind of story the artist wants to tell and show their audience.

drawing by Keith Haring

No matter what subject an artist chooses, the one subject that all share is that of themselves, the self-portrait. Self-portraits are not just a reflection of what they look like but also of how the artist interprets themselves and the world around them. It is perhaps the most personal story that the artist can tell and makes the self-portrait one of art’s most important subjects.

Preliminary Work:


Part 1 – due next week

The assignment itself is to create a brooch that is displayed in the space of a cigar box.  The object is to explore your own self as realized in a three-dimensional context

Make a collage for your sketchbook of yourself in three particular themes.

a)     Self Portrait as an Artist

b)    Self Portrait as a Deity/ superhero

c)     Self Portrait as Evil

These are to be brought to class next week for the first class session to go over what works with each composition.

*See Teenage Archetype Card Deck on Amazon for examples of collage



Part 2 – also due next week

Part of your research for this project requires you to choose an example of another artist’s self-portrait and answer the following questions about the image.  Make a copy or print to hand in to me with your findings and sketchbook

d)    What is the name of the artist?

e)     What is their nationality?

f)     When was the portrait done or when did the artist live?

g)     What kind of art does it represent? (i.e. Impressionism, Pop Art)

h)    What medium is it in? (i.e. paint, clay, photograph, metal)

i)      What is the setting of the piece and what is the artist doing?

j)      In your educated opinion, what about this piece makes it unique to your chosen artist?  Are there personal items included in the setting?  Is a particular theme at work beyond it being a self-portrait?  Are particular colors or shapes used in any way to evoke specific feeling? How have they interpreted themselves?

2)       The object that you make will be on display in the Gallery.  You will control how the object will be viewed.  As you design your piece, think of the word “peeking”.  What does it mean in our society?  What is considered taboo to see?  Keep in mind that you will also construct the environment that will display your piece.

Collages and Artist Portrait Analysis due one week from today!!!!!!!!!!  



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